Leo Keohane

  • commented on Are we being ripped off by private hospitals? 2020-05-01 14:41:45 +0100
    It looks like a the charge of 44,000 per month is a bargain (let’s say that’s less than 1,500 a night).
    I was in the Mater eighteen months ago for a pretty straightforward procedure which was dealt with professionally and very successfully. I was a little puzzled that I had to stay in for two nights for this. When the bill came, paid by my insurance, it detailed the payments to the surgeon and his staff and also the charge for two nights bed. The charge per night for the bed came to 10,000! (No wonder I had to stay in – 20,000 for a bed for two nights, a slice of toast and I had to change my own bed linen – I have no argument with the medical fees)In other words, that would work out at over 300,000 per month. Obviously private health is the bonanza business to be in. (I did write to the Minster for Health and of course got the usual anodyne reply)