How & where to vote

When can I vote?

The election takes place on Friday, June 7th..

You can vote between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

Where do I vote?

Voting takes place in polling stations in each community. Often the local primary school is used as the polling station.

You can check your polling station using this website:

If you have received a polling card, the address of the polling station will be on that too.


What do I need to bring with me to the polling station?

You need to bring any one of the following forms of ID with you:

  • A passport, or
  • A driving licence, or
  • A Public Services Card, or
  • An employee identity card containing a photo, or
  • A student ID containing a photo, or
  • A travel document containing a name and photo, or
  • A bank or credit union book containing your address in the constituency

Do I need a polling card?

No, you do not need a polling card to vote. All you need is one of the IDs listed above

How do I fill in the ballot paper?

You will get two ballot papers, one for the local elections and one for the European elections. There will be a lot of candidates on both ballot papers. To vote, put a number 1 in the empty box beside your favourite candidate. You can also put a number 2 beside your second favourite, a number 3 beside your third favourite and so on. You do not need to number all of the candidate, if you only have one or two you want to support, you can just vote 1 & 2 and leave it at that. The two ballots are completely separate, so you can vote 1 for Jess Spear on the local ballot and also 1 for Brid Smith on the European ballot.

Here is a sample ballot:

If your number 1 choice does not get elected, your vote will then transfer to your second favourite and so on.


Here is an official video explaining the process:


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